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Odyssey Electronics is a Woman Owned and Operated Small Electronic Components Business.
Established in 1992, Odyssey Electronics is a worldwide independent stocking distributor of passive components, semiconductors and integrated circuits, which has earned a reputation for consistently providing exceptional service that our clients value and our competitors strive to replicate.
Odyssey Electronics has been dedicated to providing its clients total satisfaction. Our highly competitive prices, market knowledgeable staff, and efficient warehouse crew guarantee complete customer satisfaction.
Because we are an independent, broad-line stocking distributor, we provide flexible solutions for procurement. Our primary focus is to provide components necessary to complete an RFQ and spare the customer the time and effort of sourcing several vendors. Due to the ever-changing technology, we also offer our valued customers assistance in locating/stocking the hard-to-find, obsolete components. This affords the opportunity to focus on approving the latest technology for their application.
Our website includes the convenience of Part Search. You can use this feature to scan our local inventory as well as locations available to us. We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs and encourage the unlimited use of this free feature. All submitted RFQ's are received by our sales department and responded to immediately.

Welcome to Odyssey. We look forward to partnering with your company.


Phone: 978-640-9453   Fax: 978-851-0169
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